How the government shutdown is affecting the economy

The government has been partially closed since Dec. 22, making it the second-longest shutdown on record. A finance professor who studied the 2013 shutdown explains the economic impact.

Government by extortion

The White House’s “rule or ruin” strategy — wall or shutdown! — is anti-democratic. When you insist on rule or ruin, the result is likely to be ruin for the rest of us.

Federal employees’ union sues Trump administration as 420,000 work without pay during shutdown

Democracy Now! speaks with representatives of a federal workers’ union that is suing the Trump administration over the partial federal government shutdown.

What Aristotle teaches us about Trump’s rhetoric

Trump is effective with some audiences when he says climate change is a hoax or refers to the news media as “the enemy of the American people.” But that has nothing to do with truth.

What’s the economic impact of a government shutdown?

With President Trump insisting on funding for his border wall and Democrats vehemently opposed, a partial government shutdown is possible. Here’s what it could mean for the economy.

Trump’s inauguration paid Trump’s company — with Ivanka in the middle

As the inaugural committee planned the landmark celebration, internal concerns were raised about whether Trump’s Washington hotel was overcharging for event space. The spending could be a violation of the law.

US-China trade war truce: 2 reasons why it’s unlikely to last

With the two leaders’ approach to the world looking increasingly different, it’s likely that the G-20 truce will merely have paused the trade war – not stopped it.

Kavanaugh’s impact on the Supreme Court and US may not be as profound as predicted

With Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, many predict the court will move to the right on key issues But Supreme Court rulings are often not the last word on a matter.