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Report: Toxic herbicide found in many Texans’ drinking water

Nearly 500 water utilities across the state tested positive for atrazine — a weed killer — which can lead to harmful health effects, according to a new report.

How the migrant caravan sparked a movement

The first caravan of Hondurans, which has now reached Tijuana, sparked a movement, as thousands of migrants and asylum seekers follow their lead.

With nearly 400,000 dead in South Sudan, will the US change its policy?

It’s a war as brutal as the one in Syria. Will the Trump administration pay any serious attention to it?

Study details the $6 trillion (and counting) price of endless US war

The Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs reports that by the end of the 2019 fiscal year, the U.S. will have spent $5.9 trillion on military spending in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and other countries.

A ‘cleared’ rape case is not necessarily a solved case

Across the country, dozens of law enforcement agencies are making it appear they have solved a significant share of their rape cases when they simply have closed them.

Deadly shootings are rising in U.S. after steady declines

After steadily declining for more than two decades, deadly shootings are rising across the country, according to a new government report.

3 ways the women’s movement in US politics is misunderstood

Women made history in 2018, but there is more to the story than the Democratic “blue wave.” The diversity of women and the different contexts in which they operate have implications for politics and policy for decades to come.

Don’t count on Jeff Flake to save the republic

Retiring Republican U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona is taking another one of his grand,courageous stands against the outrages of President Donald Trump. I almost want to believe him this time.

Why Jeff Sessions’ final act as attorney general could have more impact than expected

On his way out, Sessions limited the Justice Department’s ability to oversee abusive police departments. That policy also could hamper the department’s role in environmental, voting-rights, and other cases.

High stakes, entrenched interests and the rollback of environmental regs

Critics say new strictures on scientific research and efforts to overturn standards for protecting air, water and worker safety could have long-term, widespread effects that would upend hard-won gains in environmental and public health.