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Standing with migrants this holiday season

Mary and Joseph fled their country to keep their child alive. We should embrace families making the same difficult choice today.

At COP24, state and local officials call for phase-out of fossil fuels

A coalition of more than 300 state and local officials from 40 states released a letter Friday calling for a plan to phase out fossil fuels and ramp up renewable energy as part of a “green new deal” approach to energy.

School safety report: Here’s what is at stake

The school safety commission convened after February’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, is expected to recommend elimination of Obama-era guidance on school suspensions. This is what such a rollback could mean.

Trump’s Interior Department wages a war on science, morals and law

Many “scientific” questions are more accurately considered moral questions. The Trump administration’s approach to the environment fails on both counts.

Inequality costs the average American $150K

America’s average wealth per adult looks so good only because America’s rich are doing so fabulously well.

FBI moves to fix critical flaw in its crime reporting system

The bureau says it expedited a process expected to change reporting rules and require police to disclose cases they classify as unfounded.

No cash, no heart. Transplant centers require proof of payment.

The case of a Michigan woman told to fundraise $10,000 for a heart transplant sparked viral outrage, but experts say “wallet biopsies” are common.

The John Birch Society keeps influencing American politics 60 years after its founding

The right-wing group planted the seeds of the tea party and the Trump administration.

Can public officials block users on Facebook? A Texas case could help answer that

A federal court will hear oral arguments in a First Amendment case against a Texas county sheriff’s office. At issue is whether the office was allowed to block a local woman from its Facebook page.

Republicans don’t want your vote to count

The GOP is trying to overturn the will of voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, and maybe a state near you.