Extreme wealth threatens our planet

Millions of years ago, life on Earth survived an existential climate crisis. But that Earth had a distinct advantage: no rich people.

The math on why the Trump administration’s fuel standards report is seriously flawed

The Trump administration’s analysis finds costs of current standards exceed the benefits by over $170 billion – but it includes four major errors in the calculations.

At COP24, state and local officials call for phase-out of fossil fuels

A coalition of more than 300 state and local officials from 40 states released a letter Friday calling for a plan to phase out fossil fuels and ramp up renewable energy as part of a “green new deal” approach to energy.

Trump’s Interior Department wages a war on science, morals and law

Many “scientific” questions are more accurately considered moral questions. The Trump administration’s approach to the environment fails on both counts.

Report: Toxic herbicide found in many Texans’ drinking water

Nearly 500 water utilities across the state tested positive for atrazine — a weed killer — which can lead to harmful health effects, according to a new report.

High stakes, entrenched interests and the rollback of environmental regs

Critics say new strictures on scientific research and efforts to overturn standards for protecting air, water and worker safety could have long-term, widespread effects that would upend hard-won gains in environmental and public health.