Lethal plans: When seniors turn to suicide in long-term care

A six-month investigation by Kaiser Health News and PBS NewsHour finds that older Americans are quietly killing themselves in nursing homes, assisted living centers and adult care homes.

How easy are vaccine exemptions? Take a look at the Oregon model

As measles outbreaks continue in the Northwest and across the nation, newly revealed health records from Oregon suggest it’s surprisingly easy to opt out of required vaccinations in that state — as in several others.

Anti-vaxxers appear to be losing ground in the online vaccine debate

Social media activity suggests that pro-vaccine evidence may be starting to outweigh anti-vaxxer disinformation.

Why Americans shouldn’t feel grateful for $137 insulin

Only by the bizarre logic of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry does this drug count as any kind of generic.

Why rural America needs Medicare for All — and fast

An Iowa nurse says privatized care in rural communities is an extractive industry — and it’s drying up. Medicare for All is the prescription rural America needs.

Always connected with thousands of ‘friends’ — yet feeling all alone

Millennials and Gen Zers say they often feel isolated even when surrounded by friends — both real and virtual. Some experts suggest examining how millennials and Generation Z use social media.

A Medicare for all rally

There’s a new ‘Medicare-for-all’ bill in the House. Why does it matter?

Members of the House offered a version of a “Medicare-for-all” bill that is broader than what’s been put forth by Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Americans go to Mexico to buy insulin at a fraction of U.S. cost

For one patient, a three-month supply of insulin is $3,700 in the U.S. versus $600 in Mexico. But is it legal?

Winners and losers under Trump plan to slash drug rebate deals

The administration’s plan for drug rebates would end the pharmaceutical business as usual, shift billions in revenue and cause far-reaching, unforeseen change, say health policy authorities.

Drug-pricing policies find new momentum as ‘a 2020 thing’

The next presidential primary contests are more than a year away. But presumed candidates are already trying to stake a claim to one of health care’s hot-button concerns: surging prescription drug prices.