Billionaire presidential candidates think they know what’s best for us

Billionaires are pretty damn sure they know what’s best for you. No more taxes on the rich and none of that Medicare-for-all is what’s best for you, according to two billionaires toying with seeking the presidency.

Federal employees’ union sues Trump administration as 420,000 work without pay during shutdown

Democracy Now! speaks with representatives of a federal workers’ union that is suing the Trump administration over the partial federal government shutdown.

If you’re over 50, chances are the decision to leave a job won’t be yours

28 percent of stable, longtime employees sustain at least one damaging layoff by their employers between turning 50 and leaving work for retirement.

Workers used to benefit from innovation. Can that happen again?

Machines can make jobs better, but a tiny class of bosses uses them to make jobs disappear. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Black Friday isn’t the only time workers face unfair schedules

Nearly half of retail workers reported having to work on Thanksgiving, and big employers are far more likely to have their workers on duty than are smaller ones.

Trump’s trade wars are hurting farm country

When farm prices rise because of tariffs, farmers can’t buy a new pickup, purchase equipment, or make repairs. Businesses get fewer customers, so they lay off workers.