The IRS tried to take on the ultrawealthy. It didn’t go well.

Ten years ago, the tax agency formed a special team to unravel the complex tax-lowering strategies of the nation’s wealthiest people. But with big money — and Congress — arrayed against the team, it never had a chance.

Texas bans chaplains from its execution chamber

The U.S. Supreme Court halted the execution of Patrick Murphy last week because he wasn’t given access to a Buddhist chaplain. Now, no chaplains will be allowed in the death chamber.

The US death penalty just got a lot crueler

A horrific new ruling would let states execute people in more painful ways, even when alternatives are available.

The public may never see a report from Mueller’s investigation

Will the public ever see a report from Robert Mueller’s investigation of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia? Maybe not. There are big legal hurdles to making it public.

How Trump and Barr could stretch claims of executive privilege and grand jury secrecy

The president and attorney general can try to keep the findings of Mueller’s investigation secret. They’ll likely use both the secrecy of grand jury proceedings and executive privilege to do that

The federal National Emergencies Act is not a blank check

The National Emergencies Act doesn’t give the president unlimited power to declare a national emergency even when no emergency exists.

Documenting hate in America: What ProPublica and partners found in 2018

Here are some of the incidents ProPublica and its partners have reported in the second year of Documenting Hate, a collaborative project investigating hate with more than 160 newsrooms around the country.

ICE dumped hundreds of migrants with nowhere to go at a bus station

Lawmakers and immigrant rights groups scramble after ICE releases hundreds of migrants without alerting local shelters.

FBI moves to fix critical flaw in its crime reporting system

The bureau says it expedited a process expected to change reporting rules and require police to disclose cases they classify as unfounded.

Can public officials block users on Facebook? A Texas case could help answer that

A federal court will hear oral arguments in a First Amendment case against a Texas county sheriff’s office. At issue is whether the office was allowed to block a local woman from its Facebook page.