Trump’s Interior Department wages a war on science, morals and law

Many “scientific” questions are more accurately considered moral questions. The Trump administration’s approach to the environment fails on both counts.

Inequality costs the average American $150K

America’s average wealth per adult looks so good only because America’s rich are doing so fabulously well.

The John Birch Society keeps influencing American politics 60 years after its founding

The right-wing group planted the seeds of the tea party and the Trump administration.

US-China trade war truce: 2 reasons why it’s unlikely to last

With the two leaders’ approach to the world looking increasingly different, it’s likely that the G-20 truce will merely have paused the trade war – not stopped it.

Overshadowed by opioids, meth is back and hospitalizations surge

The number of people hospitalized because of amphetamine use is skyrocketing in the United States, but the resurgence of the drug largely has been overshadowed by the nation’s intense focus on opioids.

Social Security helped slash elderly poverty, but that triumph is now in jeopardy

Americans are increasingly struggling to save enough for retirement. If Social Security isn’t saved, growing old in poverty will likely become more common.

Trump’s trade wars are hurting farm country

When farm prices rise because of tariffs, farmers can’t buy a new pickup, purchase equipment, or make repairs. Businesses get fewer customers, so they lay off workers.

Kavanaugh’s impact on the Supreme Court and US may not be as profound as predicted

With Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, many predict the court will move to the right on key issues But Supreme Court rulings are often not the last word on a matter.

How the migrant caravan sparked a movement

The first caravan of Hondurans, which has now reached Tijuana, sparked a movement, as thousands of migrants and asylum seekers follow their lead.

With nearly 400,000 dead in South Sudan, will the US change its policy?

It’s a war as brutal as the one in Syria. Will the Trump administration pay any serious attention to it?