Why rural America needs Medicare for All — and fast

An Iowa nurse says privatized care in rural communities is an extractive industry — and it’s drying up. Medicare for All is the prescription rural America needs.

Bring back Eisenhower socialism

Conservatives want you to believe not having to choose between paying for rent or medicine is Soviet-style tyranny.

A Medicare for all rally

There’s a new ‘Medicare-for-all’ bill in the House. Why does it matter?

Members of the House offered a version of a “Medicare-for-all” bill that is broader than what’s been put forth by Sen. Bernie Sanders.

In the battle against opioids, saving lives must come first

Safe injection sites and medication-assisted treatment may be controversial, but they work. We need them now.

America can afford a Green New Deal – here’s how

Democrats are proposing an ambitious decarbonization plan that critics are calling unaffordable. A green economist explains how the U.S. could pay for it.

3 things schools should teach about America’s history of white supremacy

Schools do a poor job of teaching about America’s legacy of white supremacy, and the blackface scandal of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is proof, a scholar who researches racial discrimination says.

ICE detainees on hunger strike are being force-fed, just like Guantánamo detainees before them

Alleged ‘enemy combatants’ held at Guantánamo Bay who went on hunger strikes to protest their indefinite detention were force-fed by the US military. Today, ICE is force-feeding immigrant detainees.

The federal National Emergencies Act is not a blank check

The National Emergencies Act doesn’t give the president unlimited power to declare a national emergency even when no emergency exists.

Billionaire presidential candidates think they know what’s best for us

Billionaires are pretty damn sure they know what’s best for you. No more taxes on the rich and none of that Medicare-for-all is what’s best for you, according to two billionaires toying with seeking the presidency.

Extreme wealth threatens our planet

Millions of years ago, life on Earth survived an existential climate crisis. But that Earth had a distinct advantage: no rich people.