Ryan Zinke

Former Trump officials are supposed to avoid lobbying. But 33 Haven’t.

The former officials — including ex-Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke — have found ways to sidestep the administration’s ethics pledge. At least 18 of them are now registered federal lobbyists and the rest work in jobs that closely resemble lobbying.

The federal National Emergencies Act is not a blank check

The National Emergencies Act doesn’t give the president unlimited power to declare a national emergency even when no emergency exists.

Billionaire presidential candidates think they know what’s best for us

Billionaires are pretty damn sure they know what’s best for you. No more taxes on the rich and none of that Medicare-for-all is what’s best for you, according to two billionaires toying with seeking the presidency.

Drug-pricing policies find new momentum as ‘a 2020 thing’

The next presidential primary contests are more than a year away. But presumed candidates are already trying to stake a claim to one of health care’s hot-button concerns: surging prescription drug prices.

Shutdown’s economic impact is a forceful reminder of why government matters

The shutdown is highlighting the crucial role government plays in the lives of citizens and businesses, offering a reminder of its fundamental value to the economy.

Trump administration opposes a return to federal oversight for Texas redistricting

The Trump administration no longer supports requiring Texas to obtain federal approval of changes to its legislative and congressional maps.

How the government shutdown is affecting the economy

The government has been partially closed since Dec. 22, making it the second-longest shutdown on record. A finance professor who studied the 2013 shutdown explains the economic impact.

Where abortion fights will play out in 2019

With a stronger possibility of a 5-4 majority in favor of more restrictions on abortion, anti-abortion groups are eager to get test cases to the high court.

Will Pelosi open the floor to bipartisan ideas?

Pelosi has agreed to a more open process, but amendments backed by both parties have become a rarity in polarized Washington.

Federal employees’ union sues Trump administration as 420,000 work without pay during shutdown

Democracy Now! speaks with representatives of a federal workers’ union that is suing the Trump administration over the partial federal government shutdown.