Trump’s Interior Department wages a war on science, morals and law

Many “scientific” questions are more accurately considered moral questions. The Trump administration’s approach to the environment fails on both counts.

The John Birch Society keeps influencing American politics 60 years after its founding

The right-wing group planted the seeds of the tea party and the Trump administration.

Can public officials block users on Facebook? A Texas case could help answer that

A federal court will hear oral arguments in a First Amendment case against a Texas county sheriff’s office. At issue is whether the office was allowed to block a local woman from its Facebook page.

Republicans don’t want your vote to count

The GOP is trying to overturn the will of voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, and maybe a state near you.

3 ways the women’s movement in US politics is misunderstood

Women made history in 2018, but there is more to the story than the Democratic “blue wave.” The diversity of women and the different contexts in which they operate have implications for politics and policy for decades to come.

Democrats won big. Can they go bold, too?

The party’s leaders have been far too cautious in the past. Newer ideas could spark real change in who owns and runs America.

The other 2018 midterm wave: A historic 10-point jump in turnout among young people

Voter turnout among 18 to 29-year-olds in the 2018 midterm elections was 31 percent, according to a preliminary estimate by Tufts University.

Unlike in 2016, there was no spike in misinformation this election cycle

Experts expected “iffy” information on Facebook and Twitter to spike in September and October this year. But it didn’t.