Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the rest

While the wealthy and powerful are coddled with public largesse, the rest of us are thrown into the jaws of an unforgiving economic system.

Who really got a tax cut last year?

If you think the U.S. tax system is unfair, you’re not alone. Just 17% of Americans say they’re paying less in taxes since the Trump tax cut took effect.

Low-wage workers deserve $15 per hour and a union

It’s been less than a decade since a few hundred fast-food employees walked off the job to demand a $15 wage and a union. Now, they’re a global movement that’s fundamentally changed the conversation on the rights of low-wage workers.

The IRS tried to take on the ultrawealthy. It didn’t go well.

Ten years ago, the tax agency formed a special team to unravel the complex tax-lowering strategies of the nation’s wealthiest people. But with big money — and Congress — arrayed against the team, it never had a chance.

How the rich really play ‘Who Wants to be an Ivy Leaguer?’

A ProPublica editor who investigated how the rich buy their children’s way into elite colleges reflects on the latest scandal—and remembers when affluent readers mistook his expose for a “how-to” guide.

3 things schools should teach about America’s history of white supremacy

Schools do a poor job of teaching about America’s legacy of white supremacy, and the blackface scandal of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is proof, a scholar who researches racial discrimination says.

Extreme wealth threatens our planet

Millions of years ago, life on Earth survived an existential climate crisis. But that Earth had a distinct advantage: no rich people.

America’s public schools seldom bring rich and poor together. MLK would disapprove.

Public schools were originally envisioned as ‘common schools’ where rich and poor kids could be educated together. MLK wanted the same thing. It’s not happening.

Central America needs a Marshall Plan

U.S. policies helped create the refugee crisis in Central America. Better ones can help resolve it.

ICE dumped hundreds of migrants with nowhere to go at a bus station

Lawmakers and immigrant rights groups scramble after ICE releases hundreds of migrants without alerting local shelters.