Central America needs a Marshall Plan

U.S. policies helped create the refugee crisis in Central America. Better ones can help resolve it.

No, Trump is not like Obama on Middle East policy

Obama’s plan to withdraw from Afghanistan had several facets and was part of a wider strategy in the Middle East.

2018 has been a year without coups. Will 2019 be as stable?

2018 is on track to become only the second coup-free year in a century. Coup risk is way down worldwide, thanks to growing political stability in Latin America. Africa has the highest risk of coup.

US-China trade war truce: 2 reasons why it’s unlikely to last

With the two leaders’ approach to the world looking increasingly different, it’s likely that the G-20 truce will merely have paused the trade war – not stopped it.

How the migrant caravan sparked a movement

The first caravan of Hondurans, which has now reached Tijuana, sparked a movement, as thousands of migrants and asylum seekers follow their lead.

With nearly 400,000 dead in South Sudan, will the US change its policy?

It’s a war as brutal as the one in Syria. Will the Trump administration pay any serious attention to it?